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  The   CEO   Business   Alliance’s   services   complement   the   efforts   of   partner   organizations   in   Volusia   County.   As   a   fully-private economic    development    entity,    the    Alliance    is    not    subject    to    public    record    requests    and    can    offer    entirely    confidential consultation,   all   at   no   cost.      If   you   are   a   business   considering   a   move   to   Volusia   or   to   grow   your   existing   business   here,   we   work with   you   as   an   objective   source   of   information   in   the   site   selection   process.   And   Alliance   Members   are   active   participants   in projects so clients have access to a wealth of business insights. The   CEO   Business   Alliance   does   not   provide   equity   investments   or   angel   funding;   however,   we   can   make   referrals   to   small business development centers and technology incubators.
   “I   moved   to   Ormond   Beach,   Florida,   in   2004   to   be   president   of   Hudson   Technologies,   a   manufacturer   of   deep   drawn stampings     for     the     medical,     semiconductor,     and     aerospace     industries     globally     after     28     years     working     in manufacturing   in   the   Midwest .   I   couldn’t   have   been   more   pleased   with   the   support   I   received   from   both   the   City   of Ormond   Beach   and   Volusia   County.   The   relationships   developed   with   other   local   manufacturers,   as   well   as   the   VMA, our    local    manufacturing    alliance    of    businesses,    was    invaluable    to    both    me    and    Hudson    Technologies.    I    highly recommend anyone wanting a business-friendly environment to investigate the advantages this area has to offer. “ Mark Andrews President, Hudson Technologies (retired)
According   to   Aaron   Howell,   CEO   of   Northwest   Lineman   College,   “Tens   of   thousands   of   critically   important   utility linemen   and   related   positions   will   be   retiring   in   the   near   future.      The   electrical   industry   will   need   top   notch   power professionals and Northwest Lineman College will provide those professionals.  ”Edgewater   is   a   great   place   for   Northwest   Lineman   College’s   fourth   campus,”   said   Mr.   Howell.      “The   officials   in Edgewater    are    great.        We    are    grateful    to    Mayor    Michael    Ignasiak,    Edgewater    City    Council,    Tracey    Barlow    and Samantha   Bishop.      We   appreciate   the   efforts   of   J.   Hyatt   Brown,   Kent   Sharples   and   Mary   Garvin   of   the   CEO   Business Alliance   as   well   as   Gerry   Glass   and   Dick   McNerney.      The   excellent   work   of   these   individuals   led   to   our   decision   to locate   in   the   Daytona   area,   specifically   the   city   of   Edgewater.      They   believe   in   the   purpose   of   Northwest   Lineman College.
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Dear Dr. Sharples, After   several   months   of   headaches,   a   few   moments   of   feeling   like   we   should   retire   to   the   islands   and   lots   of   leg   work researching    a    large    move    to    South    Carolina,    we    are    finally    under    contract    at    the    Coronado    Paint    building    in Edgewater. We   admire   your   drive   and   knowledge   and   greatly   appreciate   your   willingness   to   help   us   through   this   process.      The time   you,   Mary   and   Random   spent   with   us   was   invaluable.      We   are   convinced   that,   if   not   for   the   CEO   Business Alliance,   we   would   have   thrown   in   the   towel,   packed   up   and   left   the   state.      We   realize   this   was   not   a   “normal” transaction; however, without you as a mediator the deal would have never happened. It   is   refreshing   to   be   around   like-minded   business   people   who   just   want   to   get   things   done.      We   appreciate   you   and your   team’s   attention   and   support.      We   look   forward   to   growing   our   new   business   here   in   Volusia   County   and   adding many more jobs! Again, thanks to you all for really making this happen! Sincerely, Sarah Dougherty  Dougherty Manufacturing